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1994 Mitsubishi GTO - Twin Turbo

Fri 23 Oct, 2020 10:49 pm

This sale page is in conjunction with the Trademe auction at the link:
https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars ... f=HKMcWteN

1994 Mitsubishi GTO - Twin Turbo 
6-speed Manual Transmission, full time 4WD
Powered by the hearty V6 - 6G72 3.0L engine.
157000kms on the engine
Brand new gearbox installed at 137000kms
5 Star Auto-Watch Alarm System

This car is truly one of a kind! A piece of GTO history within New Zealand is up for grabs and it could be sitting in your driveway getting all the looks before you know it. 

There is an extensive history of work done, a good mixture of necessary work as well as optional upgrades.
This GTO contains several unique parts that no one else in NZ would have on theirs (marked with *). You be the judge of what that truly means for the asking price.

Lets just acknowledge that this car is FAR from stock, and that some expected components may have been removed, either by myself or a previous owner. I've managed to tidy up the blunders from previous idiots and kept this car as close to show condition for several years. I'll try to detail what I can in this listing, but if you have any questions just ask. I'd rather you were as close to 100% aware of what you're going to get if (when) you were to buy it.
Just keep in mind that its still a 26 year old Jap sports car.

Genuine Diesel D1R Light-weight Drift wheels. Custom painted gloss black* (normally matte).
18x8, 5x114.3 
GT Radial HPX 245/40/18 tires all round. Tread is good, 3-5mm

*Custom Painted in Subaru WRC Mica Blue (Paint code 02C). Full body including door sills, but not engine bay.
Detailed only with wax and microfibre cloths, never brush washed. Still show quality after 8 years.
*Retrospec Carbon Fibre Side-skirt lips
*Factory Aerial removed and sealed/painted
*Factory rear wiper arm removed and sealed/painted

Genuine BOMEX front bumper (some stone chipping).
Factory glass-covered projector headlights (only the '94 models got glass version, switched to plastic after 94').
*4x White 80mm Halo rings retrofitted inside factory lights.
*Double-thickness Aftermarket Side-mount Intercoolers (painted silver).
Ali-express Carbon-fibre "look" rubber lip. (to protect the bumper)
Factory Active Aero front damn and motor has been removed.
DOES NOT COME WITH PERSONALISED PLATE "GTOKNG". +$750 with purchase, otherwise will be selling separately.

Later model (96-99) hoop spoiler and matching lift-hatch fitted.
*Novara 360 Rear Bumper - featuring in-built diffuser and mesh fitted in center gap. 
*Custom twin double-shot staggered exhaust tips, at the back end of a fully custom exhaust system.
(Can be reverted to factory bumper +2 cannons if requested)
*Z1 Replica Type 2 roof spoiler painted to match the car.

Factory full dashboard and center console.
Full set of factory seats front/rear. Good condition
Boost gauge mounted right-hand side.
JVC Bluetooth Stereo
Ichibahn Aftermarket Steering wheel.
Dash trim pieces painted blue.
Battery Relocated to the boot.
Upgraded Pioneer Front Speakers (6") and Pioneer Rear Speakers (6x9")
GIZMO Electronic Boost Controller
Super Apexi Air/Fuel Ratio Controller. Set to default 0% adjustment (installed by previous owner).
AirConditioning Display - is not working (not uncommon), however all buttons still operate and fan still blows as it should.

Brakes / Suspension
*Custom KYB Progressive Valve shocks and hand built 40mm lowering spring suspension package designed by TSV Suspension in Palmerston North (now closed). Geometrics calibrated specifically for this car. Whilst replacing the factory Electronically Controlled Suspension with a self correct soft/hard valve system. Gentle and cosy on the open road, stiff and tight through the corners. No need for cert as they aren't adjustable and car remains the legal height.
Slotted Front brake disks (unsure of brand sorry). Standard TRW brake pads.
Still has factory 4 Wheel Steering system
Full front subframe bushing replacement (2009)
*Custom Rear Strut Brace  - with GTO Performance Car club Logo 
Front brakes seal replacement kit (2015)
Still has factory ABS

Engine Bay (all within the last 5 years)
Original engine having only seen 157000kms, stronger 4-bolt crank Twin Turbo Engine.
Factory TD04 Twin Turbos, with factory exhaust manifolds/wastegates.
IBC is set up on a steady 7.5-8psi of Boost (less than factory), havent bothered to raise it up.
*Custom 3" exhaust system (Manawatu Mufflers). Custom re-designed down pipes into full resonator/muffler combo, through to the quad tips out the back.
*Full custom 45mm Aluminium piping kit, including Double-thickness Aftermarket Side-mount Intercoolers (painted silver). Was made specifically for this car as direct replacement for factory setup.
Radiator reconditioned and painted.
Aftermarket Blue Silicone radiator hose set, including heater hoses and turbo coolant hoses.
Air conditioning removed (weight reduction). System still blows air as it should, just not chilled.
Replacement cooling fans, as well as wiring the aircon fan to a switch in the cabin.
Blue 4.5" pod filter, mated to full size adaptor plate.
*"GTO" Embedded spark plug cover.
* Blue rocker covers painted to match the body.
*Custom Injector Shield (aluminium).
Cruise Control deleted - Accelerator Cable from Non-turbo installed.
Front washer bottle deleted - now draws from the rear tank
Battery Relocated to the boot.
Engine removal in 2014 resulting in full 20 year service, all seals and rubber hoses replaced. Cambelt/waterpump/pulleys/tensioner etc, as well as some detailing and all fitment bolts replaced.

Brand new 6 speed Gearbox was installed in 2015 and has driven only 17000kms. She's barely broken in!
Other fluids in the system were changed at the same time.
Exedy Heavy Duty Full-face clutch/Pressure plate
Brand new Front wheel bearings left/right at the start of 2019, they weren't cheap :'( 
2x Front CVs replaced
Rebuilt Clutch Master Cylinder and replacement Slave cylinder.

- One consistent, passionate owner for the last 11 years.
- Hours and hours of hard work and dedication gone into keeping the car alive.
- Regularly maintained and serviced.
- NO lifter tick, other than the first few seconds after start up.
- Garaged every night for last 8 years, since the paint job was done.
- LOTS of low-down power from the bi-turbos mixed with high-torque motor.
- 1994 TTs are the best model GTOs
- Brand new gearbox and front hubs gives you peace of mind
- Buyer will receive technical assistance from previous owner, including workshop manuals.
- Buyer will get access to network of spare parts if needed.
- Surprisingly good on gas for the open road. Regularly skims 10L/100km on long trips
- Always fueled with 98 gas, always.
- All preventative maintenance carried out within the last 15000kms.
- Extensive photos or work, spending and receipt catalogue available on request.
- Achieved 12.5sec quarter mile on 5psi with a previous gearbox.
- Drops the jaws of EVO owners who think she's slow.

CONs (or Non-PROs)
- Inconsistent history prior to my ownership, people would have bought it and not known how to work on it. But why would that matter after 11 years with the same person?
- People will think its slow because of its weight, but you can soon show them otherwise! She definitely isn't slow. 
- Not many people understand what GTOs are and what they can do.
- Has not be DYNO'd. I never felt the need. Its fast enough for the road in its current form. IBC and SAFC are ready to tune if needed.

Reason for sale: Time for a change! 11 years with one car is a long time, now it's someone else's turn.
Religiously serviced to keep as pristine as I could. Will come with WOF/REGO (of course).
Not that hard to insure, if you are over 25. Classic Car Cover has insured this for me pretty cheap (because the car is over 26 years old).
Just have a good think about how much has gone into this car. It's not some run-down GTO that keeps getting passed around. People often speak about how its the best GTO in the country, its constantly getting looks when driving down the road and when attending car events. The low k's and new gearbox alone will set this apart from most of the other ones on Trademe.
Listing 'as is where is', ask any question you need to.
Purchasing deals can be arranged, where some components can be removed to lower the price. If you bring your own wheels, i'll take off $750.
I've got thousands of photos up my sleeve of most of the work that's been done if you need verification.

No tyre kickers please, requesting proof of funds prior to any test drive.

Follow the progress: My rides thread HERE

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