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About Us

A bit of background on the club.
GTOPerformance was established in 2006 by a couple of mates with a bit of a 'know how' attitude who appreciated the Mitsubishi GTO enough to 'show-it-off'. With a lack of a dedicated club or organisation in NZ and armed with unlimited enthusiasm and plenty of ideas, the co-founders, Marcus Goile and Lyle Elicock established the basis for New Zealand's 1 and only GTO representation and with the professional help of their webmaster, James Embling, the 3 have created what you see here today.

GTOPerformance receives hundreds of views daily and is ever increasing in membership size from within New Zealand and also others from all around the world. We now have a full committee that helps us keep up with the trends and changes of the world to insure we are always as fresh and exciting as we can be.
GTOPerformance is a 100% non-profit community and is brought to you completely Free Of Charge, and we intend to keep it that way! You'll see no adverts here or unwanted pop-ups here and we survive solely on our members support, and for that, we would like to thank you all.

So, a bit of background on the GTO
The GTO (3000GT) is truly a masterpiece of art and engineering. The beauty of this car put it in a completely different category from all other Japanese cars. Following the successful showing of the Mitsubishi HSX concept car at the 1989 Tokyo Motor Show, Mitsubishi developed the new GTO as a technically advanced sports coupe to compete with the Toyota Supra, RX-7 and 300ZX.
They resurrected the GTO name, and the car went on to serve as Mitsubishi's flagship for the remainder of the decade. The first generation 3000GT/GTO incorporated many of Mitsubishi's contemporary performance-enhancing technologies, such as full time four wheel drive, four wheel steering , active aerodynamics featuring automatically-adjusting front and rear spoilers , a tuneable exhaust and electronically controlled suspension (ECS).
Visually, the cars featured pop-up headlights and noticeable "caps" on the hood to accommodate the ECS controllers at the top of the strut turrets.

Having only;

1,273 year 90 to 93
155 year 94 to 97
27 year 98 to 99
And only 4 year 2000

In total, that gives us just under 1500 GTO's and sadly numbers are dwindling through the years.
GTOperformance members now cover roughly 20% of the total GTO's in New Zealand but we need your help to grow! You see a GTO, let them know this place exists!

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